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Monument Company, Markers, & Memorials in Bronx, New York

Crown Memorial Co. Inc. knows that choosing the proper memorial for your deceased friend or family member can be difficult. Our local family-owned-and-operated business strives to provide you with peace of mind by helping you choose a stone to represent the life that will be missed.
Gallery, Markers and Memorials in Bronx, NY

Purchasing quality markers and memorials from our Bronx, New York, monument company makes it easier for you to lay a loved one to rest. We want you and your family to be pleased with this lasting tribute to your loved one.

Our goal is to help you create a memorial that captures the essence of the person it is meant to remember.

What We Offer

• Single Monuments
• Double Monuments
• Flat Markers
• Slant Markers
• Triple Monuments
• Hand-Carved Monuments
• Cemetery Lettering
• Mausoleums
• Bronze Markers
• Stone Restoration
• Granite Countertops
• Granite Slabs & Tiles
Your Choice for Memorials
Crown Memorial Co. Inc. is the largest monument provider in Bronx and Westchester County. Inside of our showroom, you can expect nothing short of high-quality memorials at affordable prices and friendly service from our skilled artists. They do all of the lettering and artwork in-house and work directly with you to design your loved one's memorial.
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